I'm a graduate of University of Malaya, Degree in Information Technology (Multimedia).

I've interest as a perfumer since I can only smell scent, not like any others in markets branded or none. Many perfume in markets are most likely synthetics and the prices are not really worth for materials "they" use. So here is a chance for me to make my own scent I wanted or maybe you too.

Most Expensive Perfume

Clive Christian's Imperial Majesty: $215,000 (16.90z)

Only ten of these collectors' edition bottles were made: they're Baccarat crystal with a solid, 18-carat gold collar with a five-carat, brilliant cut, white diamond. The bottle is filled with nearly 17 ounces of No. 1, Clive Christian's signature scent, which has been widely marketed as the
world's most expensive perfume.

Wow I hope Clive Christian selling this too.....

At Last I Found A Shop Selling Ess. Oil

Phew at last I can mix my own mixture hopefully next month get enuf money to get 1 set of top base and middle notes for parfum mixture. Its quite expensive per-bottle around RM45.90 but I think it really worth it if the bottle got my own name my own signature and I'm Proud of it.

I'm probably going to test the Inamorata Rosse 1st. Coz it doesn't consume many mixture. Yeah you can doit! But 1 think mingle in mind . How the heck I'm going to buy Vodka. Hopes ppl won't have diffrent thought on that. Weeeeee.

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