The distiller is used for saperating essential oils and hydrosol from any flowers, fruits, and many others. The Essenstier is something home made copper-build-base and good for getting small quantity of essential oils. This oils are quite expensive to buy. As example Cinnamon Bark Oil (Kulit Kayu Manis) would cost USD113.69 = RM399.84 (Mak Aih Mahal Nyer). 

So hoping to get a chance keep some saving for this cheap2 distiller. But once a while i had thought mingle in my head to somehow copy Robert's ideas of steam-distillation equipments. 

The concept steam-distill is not that really hard to make one. It just the raw materials and where to get it is the mojor problem in this case. Maybe if got some free time I'm going balik kampung and try to made one, but now I'm kinda busy. Hehe

Here how it flows but for The Essentier is quite compact just use electric plate heater (If guna dapur gas sehari satu tong mati la sbb proces nih take time sikit). Cool eh !

There are few other methods to extract oil from organic materials. Like :
But it's quite expensive for few of them and beyond my thought how to used those methods. (leceh la nak pikir).